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Reliance taking control over the Network18 group is not a good news for news industry
Reliance Industries have taken indirectly control over the Network18 group - a move that saw veteran journalists like Rajdeep Sardesai and others move out. Country's one of the largest business house having control over two influential 'news' and 'business news' television channels is not a good for business.
"For the general public, it is not good at all. The capitalists have their own interests,as witnessed in recent elections. They are not going to put the national intrest upfront,but their own capitalistic interests. Most of the times, they would want particular news stories to suit their needs."
Qamar Agha, Senior Journalist
"Over the last couple of years, the media has been losing money. Every big media houses are reporting losses.They do not have much money to improve upon their quality of work and cannot hire skilled men as well.But, this step allows a fresh bout of capital, which will enable it to grow in the web and social media, at least."
Amir Ullah Khan, Economist
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Pamela Cheema | Feb 22, 2017
Reliance taking over Network 18 is bad news for the media. Reliance will choke dissent and that would suit the current dispensation at the Centre.
mathai | Sep 19, 2016
any sort of monopoly or a move aimed at that is bad. also reliance did not conduct itself creditably in its last venture into mobile sector
deepak Satsangi | Mar 29, 2016
corporate Influence on the media is always bad. Specially, if these corporates try to favor some politicians.
SB | Sep 27, 2015
The internet is giving more opportunities for a more open democratic system. We should now focus on contributing to news from crowd sourced organizations (non profit) to defeat these dirty businesses
sudhir | Jul 31, 2015
If it happens democracy fails
Charu | Jan 03, 2015
When the forth pillar of democracy " media" is run by capitalists, it slowly starts losing its freedom. The news telecasted is biased, the talent of true journalist is often crushed and everyone who is directly or indirectly associated with that house starts looking at that channel with certain biased perception. When the most important tool of democracy goes into the hands of capitalist , the motive is just to make money and increase your own goodwill and it is then that the essence of media is lost in the hands of corrupt politicians who owe everything and are omnipresent in every industry because the purpose is just to "maximize profit"
Disagree : 33.33 %
AS per my knowledge every news media is associated with a business group .Or we can say that news channel is also behave live a business group. What I mean to say, business is the priority now a day not news. So ,it doesn’t matter who is owner until unless journalist are sellable.
Suhas Suryawanshi | May 04, 2016
i am not agree
shail | Mar 15, 2016


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