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Protests against Aamir Khan's PK are unjustified
Aamir Khan's starer PK is now facing nationwide protests with latest agitation against the film happening in New Delhi. The Hindu right-wing organisations have alleged that the film has hurt Hindu sentiments by disrespecting Hindu gods, godmen and rituals. Social Media has divided into two groups over the PK. The one of the groups is supporting the film. Aamir Khan has clarified that he had not hurt anyone's sentiments.What you think about the protests? Justified or unjustified?
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Agree : 58.33 %
Gurusssms | Jun 13, 2017
Agree the protests are unjustified..P.S. half of the people here don't even know what they are voting for p...
soumya satapathy | Dec 27, 2016
The movie is not to hurt the sentiments of any religion. But it gives a reflection that how our society is divided and how people believe blindly on anyone and anything when it comes to god. God never asks for money but wants us to live together. The best part of the movie is when it shows the different colors and attributes people of different religion use at different times. Its actually a concept that unity is the best policy and we must help each other irrespective of religion because their is only one religion i.e., being human.
Rajib Ghosh | May 10, 2016
the film has harted hinduism. it has harted badly to hindu god. bu using hindu stockers. hindu mandirs, and hindu giru was involve with the bad store.
Mohit Mishra | Mar 12, 2016
The movie talks about a man(dressed in Lord Shiva's getup) who is from a stage play group, so movie doesn't insults the real god. Also the movie talks about the unjustified and rubbish Superstitions of us and fraud saints. So why people are protesting against it?
lavanya | Sep 25, 2015
the protest is not justified. The movie brings out the concept of believing god and not being mislead by god men or others. It also says to help each others as human beings. One of the points is to believe in oneself and do what is right.
Tarun Juneja | Feb 09, 2015
agree the protests are unjustified... !!!! P.S. half of the people here don't even know what they are voting for :P
Narendra Ch | Jan 05, 2015
We should expose Film world's links with mafia world..
Disagree : 41.67 %
PRashant Rao | Feb 05, 2016
PK is to substantiate willful stupid beliefs of Amir Khan and Company, They would not dare doing the same thing for Muhammad or Mother Mary / Jesus...
Dr.Yogesh Sharma | Nov 12, 2015
In PK mocks Hindu Gods and Hindu way of life. He is highly anti-Hindu.
SHAIK ISMAIL | Jan 20, 2015
Unnecessary controversy.
Pooja Kashyap | Jan 07, 2015
the director never said that the movie is on true story so each points should be taken as sportingly afteral it is just a movie
Debi Acharya | Jan 01, 2015
A protest must have some reason. hence it is justified.


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