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Demonetisation of Rs.500, Rs.1000 a step in right direction
Narendra Modi-led central government demonetised high value currency notes of Rs.500 and Rs.1000 on November 08, 2016. The government asked the Indian citizens to either get their old high value notes exchanged at the bank counters or deposited in their accounts. The demonetisation move has been appreciated as well as criticised. What is your opinion on it?
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Agree : 67.74 %
Shrujay | Mar 05, 2018
Good morning to all of you ..... Here discussion about demonetization of 500 &1000 note in point of view this step was absolutely right it helps to decrease corruption from our country but this time currupt people was doing the same thing after the change of notes
NITESH KUMAR | Jan 02, 2018
this is a very big step forward against the black money laundering
Ranjit Singh | Dec 08, 2017
good step, it helped nation in formalise the economy. helped in boosting digital economy. it also stopped funding of of terrorists in kashmir and naxalites
satyajit khaskel | Dec 05, 2017
Aparna | Nov 24, 2017
Change is not easy but it is not impossible. I think that it is a right step towards facing the challenge of black money and removing poverty in India. The main aim of demonetization is to promote cashless payment our country.
Princess | Aug 02, 2017
Demonetization is a fabulous way of helping common man. It lessens the burden of tax on just 1 percent of faithful people for whole country. The cheats can be identified and punished for this offence. People with extra income hide their sources hence pay less tax .
muskaan wadhera | Jul 28, 2017
demonetisation is the right step taken by modi because it will remove all the black money from our country.
Anand Krishnan | Jul 21, 2017
More Demonetization in near future must to curb Black Money Rs 2000 .
Ankit gupta | Jun 08, 2017
It is absolutely a right step. Even the constitution too holds an article which says"at time when the money of the nation is looted, blackened or going in wrong hands the government in action has full control to abolish those notes and monetize for new currency in i think it was a great step taken by our prime minister
pradeep sharma | May 04, 2017
the main motto of demonetization is transparency , curbing black money and curb corruption. these three objectives are achieved after demonetization which is good thing for india.
sumit kumar tripathi | Feb 23, 2017
"DEMONETISATION" will play vital role for india. It is very good move. We all know that it not happened first time . It took place in 1978 also. When higher value of note 10000, 5000, and 3000 were scraped. It helps to curb fake currency , corruption, and black money. The one who has lots of money , he will have to tell about the huge amount . The poor also get benifite. I think what money govt. Collect in the form of black money , should give to the welfare of poor. I am also very huge fan of modi jee. I think he will work for bettsrment of our country. He understand the problem facing by poor. Till BJP comes into power we are watching lots. Of improvement. And in the end , i hope that modiji will do the best job for our future .
Sujan Chhetri | Feb 10, 2017
Friends, Demonetisation is not a new to India.In 1978 currency notes were last scrapped & government get rid of rupee 1000,5000 and I believe this is indeed a bold move taken by our PM. Demonetisation helps a common man by not letting them to spend their money against their will to make things worked out. Demonetisation can reduce the currency supply in black market,cut-off the supply of fake currency through HAWALA,reduce terrorist activity in Kashmir which ultimately help our brave soldires,enhance the bank transaction system which as a whole will help a common man to save more money. So I think it's a good deed for a betterment of our country. JAI HIND
Priyanka Rajasekharan | Jan 30, 2017
As I'm an Indian citizen, I also support for what Govt. has did. It is high time that our Govt. has to take right action against those illegal money transfer in our country. So I think, its a brave and adventurous act took by Modi Govt.
Nagesh | Jan 16, 2017
The Aim of Mr Modiji is Ultimate, Because of Few Cheap Politicians and Officers Its Effecting in Negative way.
Rohit Upadhyay | Jan 05, 2017
i will help india to fullfill their needs and become a develop nation
I think this is a courageous step.
gopal krishan | Dec 21, 2016
Prakash | Dec 01, 2016
Though this is not the only step, but is one of the steps tsken
umang | Dec 01, 2016
himanshu pradhan | Nov 25, 2016
Very good decisionmkdi ji
Sarbjeet singh | Nov 24, 2016
Narendra modi ji is good PM for india. We all indian with you modi ji. We love you.
Disagree : 32.26 %
g h singh | Nov 17, 2017
Narendra Ch | Oct 24, 2017
It has already proved to be disastrous to national interest making weak and vulnerable sections of population are worst victims.
Twinkle | Oct 16, 2017
no this had led many people in trouble.WE are ready to do anything for our country but we should be benifitted from it too.Still tje corrupted people are leadind luxarious life and poor a miserable one
Anti bhakt | Oct 04, 2017
Cannot see even a single benefit but only suffering of people and now suffering of economy
sk singh | Sep 22, 2017
Utkarsh | Jun 17, 2017
As time have passed it has become clearer that demonetization has had a little or no positives with the GDP and the growth rate plunging. It was not well planned and the results are clear indication of it.
Hari Krishna PM | Feb 06, 2017
AGREE. Because according to me it's a right decision ,there is a small difficulty is faced by every common man.but our prime minister s decision very gives more benefits to a common man.
Hari Krishna PM | Feb 06, 2017
AGREE. Because according to me it's a right decision ,there is a small difficulty is faced by every common man.but our prime minister s decision very gives more benefits to a common man.
Ill conceived...
Ashwini | Dec 22, 2016
authenticity of polls here busted


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