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It's totally fine if you don't want to get married: Here are 10 reasons!
Can you imagine to do away with 'marriage' in a society where 'settling down' means getting hitched? We cannot deny the fact that Indian society is deeply obsessed with nuptial bond and wants bachelors to tie the knot as soon as they get a decent job or have a legit source of income.

And in case of girls, even that is not required. Sometimes, the pressure of getting married from our loved ones is so high that we have to give up even though we are not mentally prepared for what seems to be nothing less than a full-time job.

But, on a practical note, is it justified to kill all the desires and ultimately settle down for something that is actually not our cup of tea? If not, then is there anything wrong if a person chooses to not commit herself or himself to a life-long relationship?

Honestly, there is nothing inappropriate in doing so as long as it keeps us happy, lively and satisfied. There might be consequences, but then isn't it your life and you should be deciding the rights and wrongs for you?

So, here are 10 practical reasons why it's totally okay to never get married. Read on:

1. That right age for everything will leave no scope to explore life

In Indian society, there is a fix time line for everything be it the right age for education, job, marriage and having kids. So, even if you get agree for marriage just to make your kin happy, trust me there won't be end of demands. As soon as you will get married, they will want you to have kids and it will continue… So, better stay away if you can't take it any further!

2. Not everyone need a companion to be happy

There are people who don't need a companion at all to be happy. In fact, they are also happy within themselves. They enjoy being single, free and wild, and marriage, commitments and responsibilities are not their kind of stuffs. So what is the point in messing up your life along with your partner?

3. It is all about priorities

Different people have different priorities in there lives. Some people want entire attention on their career, goals and dreams, while some people want a happily 'settled' married life. Some people just want to explore every bit of singlehood and want to stay independent for the rest of their lives and do what they love. Well, that's a pretty legit reason to skip tying the knot. Noh?

4. Marriage is an outdated institution for this generation

With the passage of time, a lot many things have changed. And in a current scenario, it would not be wrong to say that, marriage is an outdated institution, and some folks just don't want to fit into that mold. Besides, marriage isn't the ultimate goal of our life but it is the society that has made it an important part of our life.

5. Commitments can happen even without the 'TAG' of marriage

Why it is necessary to put a tag on our relationships. Commitment can happen even without being restricted by a relationship or without a tag of marriage. Why we need a certificate of marriage as a prove?

6. Marriage can't assure a secure life-long relationship

Can anyone give assurance that marriage will give a secure life-long relationship, especially these days? No! it doesn't promise to keep your partner by your side till the end. Things can change with time and so are people. There is no assurance that a marriage will last forever, and trust me, divorce can be really messy.

7. There's no perfect age to fall in love

As they say, there's no perfect age to fall in love and neither a person is too old to be in love. But then, isn't marrying someone you don't love will be like closing all the doors of finding the right one?

8. Marriages in India is not about just two people but families

Marriages in India is not about just two people but about the entire family. Both the families have to get along with each other, if the couple wants to live in peace. Well, this will just increase the hassle and don't we already have enough to deal with. So if you are among one of the persons who can't handle such stuff, it's completely fine to turn your back on it.

9. Responsibilities, not everyone can take them

Marriage also means a large number of responsibilities for both the partners and everyone cannot handle them. Besides, it changes the way of living that indeed increases financial burden and lot many thing. A single life is much better to handle than double, than triple.

10. Commitment is a big deal for many:

Not everyone is ready for commitments. Just forcing someone to marry just because they have reached the right age (a standard set by Indian society) may not work well. It might end up hurting many people, destroying many lives.

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